Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hello, my name is Robbie Samuels. I've been called many things in the last 20 years: advocate, activist, ally, event planner, fundraiser, organizer - even Lavender Rhino - but writer was not one of them.

This site was launched to share all the abundance I've called into my life over the last 3 years - and I expect it will lead me to amazing new connections in the process.

Here's an outline of some of the (ever growing) list of topics I plan to share with you:
  • 2010 US Census – mail it back!
  • asking “why don’t i know about x?” instead of “why doesn’t x exist?”
  • creating a cross-issue community, network & movement
  • cross-issue organizing focused on the ven diagram of shared values/vision
  • fundraising tips for grassroots, monthly donors, house parties & major donors
  • gifts vs. needs
  • inter-generational movement dialogue
  • leveraging social media for social change
  • movement and community building
  • philosophy of abundance
  • relationship building, social cohesion and social capital
  • social networking and offering first before you ask
  • solidarity work with feminists, people of color, queer/transgender communities
  • what it means to be an ally
Please read my bio & resume page to learn about my community connections and experience.

Grip, grin & go,



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