Saturday, March 20, 2010

What It Means To Be An Ally

Socializing for Justice is hosting a facilitated small group discussion on this topic on Monday, 3/22 at 6pm at Elephant & Castle in Downtown Crossing. Details at

Beyond calling out racist, homophobic, and sexist jokes, being an ally is about inclusivity and being conscious of the spaces we create and whether they're welcoming. Being an ally means considering the world from someone else's point of view and adjusting our actions accordingly. It's about being mindful in practice and not just in theory. It's speaking up on behalf of those we're allied with so they don't have to, yet again. It's doing our part to make the spaces in the world we occupy safer and mutually supportive despite the overtly oppressive systems that keep us individually down and separate from each other. Being an ally means supporting each other's mental health by reducing the number of times "they" have to deal with other people's idea of "normal".

Below are some ideas for how to embody the ideal of being an ally. I wanted to create a list of ways we can proactively be allies instead of waiting for discrimination to happen before speaking up. Over the last few years I've been trying to incorporate them into my daily lived experience and I hope sharing them will help you do the same.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What I'm putting my energy into these days...

Hopefully you can join us for Socializing for Justice's discussion group next Monday. If we're serious about building a cross-issue community, network and movement, then it's crucial that we consider what it means to be an ally.

What It Means To Be An Ally [SoJust Discussion]
Monday, 3/22 at 6PM - Downtown Crossing
This is not a seminar - there will be no presentation - come with questions you'd like to explore. We'll creatively use the space with smaller groups to focus on specific topics. Join us to learn more about yourself and other SoJusters!

RSVP for Ally Discussion:
Spread the word:
It's odd but we have tons of RSVPs on facebook and very few on - please update your RSVP as we need a headcount for the restaurant and we pay for this space. Thanks!

More places to find me in the next few weeks:

(Free) Fundraiser Training: how do I ask for money?
Friday, 3/19 at 6:30PM - Downtown Crossing
I'm the trainer and this is based on my "Art of the Schmooze" workshop.

Leveraging Social Media to Create Social Change
Thursday, 3/25 at 7PM - Simmons College
I'm on the panel with Adaora from QWOC and Amanda from GLAD.

Time Trade Circle Orientation in JP
Saturday, April 3 at 2PM (potluck at 3:30PM)
Alison and I are hosting this to encourage our friends and colleagues to learn about this amazing local, recession-proof economy.

US Social Forum
Another World is Possible. Another US is Necessary.
June 22-26 in Detroit
SoJust has registered as a group. Let us know if you want to sign up with us (only $10 pp).
Learn more about this amazing grassroots movement building process and how you can get involved:

The SoJust Calendar is filled with social justice events happening all around Boston. Let us know about events we're missing! Post events you know about on the Message Board **click Events** and follow the instructions. If you attend an event on this Calendar let the organizers know you found out about them on the SoJust Calendar!


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hello, my name is Robbie Samuels. I've been called many things in the last 20 years: advocate, activist, ally, event planner, fundraiser, organizer - even Lavender Rhino - but writer was not one of them.

This site was launched to share all the abundance I've called into my life over the last 3 years - and I expect it will lead me to amazing new connections in the process.

Here's an outline of some of the (ever growing) list of topics I plan to share with you:
  • 2010 US Census – mail it back!
  • asking “why don’t i know about x?” instead of “why doesn’t x exist?”
  • creating a cross-issue community, network & movement
  • cross-issue organizing focused on the ven diagram of shared values/vision
  • fundraising tips for grassroots, monthly donors, house parties & major donors
  • gifts vs. needs
  • inter-generational movement dialogue
  • leveraging social media for social change
  • movement and community building
  • philosophy of abundance
  • relationship building, social cohesion and social capital
  • social networking and offering first before you ask
  • solidarity work with feminists, people of color, queer/transgender communities
  • what it means to be an ally
Please read my bio & resume page to learn about my community connections and experience.

Grip, grin & go,


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