Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm on (again)

Two of my articles have been published on
Six steps for the perfect pitch 
published on August 3, 2012

Ask yourself these questions as you start to think about how to pitch a project:
• What is my ultimate goal in pitching this to them? Be specific! What is it that I want THEM to think, feel or do differently when I am finished with my pitch?
• Why would THEY want to listen to me pitch this? Are these the right people to pitch the project to?
• What’s a good title that will pique the listener’s curiosity?

Don’t assume anything when you start talking. It’s likely you’re one of dozens of projects being considered, so be sure they know who you are before you launch into your pitch.
Reiterate what you discussed when you initially met or the synopsis you sent over. Share what inspired you to work on this project. Be positive, sincere and passionate about your project. Read more...

8 steps for successful networking
published on July 12, 2012

Forming and cultivating relationships is at the heart of any successful fundraising campaign, business development effort, volunteer drive or community building activity. Foster and grow new networks with these practical tips and best practices to engage someone in a conversation, keep it rolling, exchange information and wrap up.

1. Say hello. Shake hands, say your name and affiliation.
Has the following happened to you? You've done your homework and know a particular bigwig connector, funder, donor, etc. will be at a networking event. You see them and freeze. What had you planned to say? Were you thanking them? Soliciting them? As your brain tries to put together a coherent sentence, they move out of view and the opportunity has passed. Let's keep this simple. Just shake hands and say, "Hello, my name is (insert your name here)." The rest of your elevator pitch can come later, but to build a relationship, you need to start by making the connection. Read more...

Special thanks to Boston World Partnerships for this opportunity! I'm proud to be a BWP Connector.

Robbie Samuels is the Senior Manager of Events and Donor Engagement at Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders. In 2006, he co-founded Socializing for Justice (, a cross-issue progressive network. In 2011, his birthday was declared "Robbie Samuels Day" by the Boston City Council. He provides networking and fundraising trainings to social entrepreneurs and non-profits. Learn more about him and his work at

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