Monday, September 10, 2012

SoJust Launches Progressive Voter Guide (and 6th Birthday Party on 9/13!)

Six Years of Building a Cross-Issue Progressive Network in Boston
2000 Members, 130 Events, and Countless Connections Made Since 2006

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Email:                      Boston, MA / September 4th 2012

Socializing for Justice, Boston’s largest cross-issue progressive community, is giving us another way to work for social change with SoJust Vote! A Progressive Voter Guide. This online tool charts political endorsements by organizations that represent a range of issues and communities of color. SoJust is "meta-endorsing" candidates who receive the majority of endorsements by these progressive organizations. They encourage you to volunteer, donate, and of course, VOTE for these progressive candidates. This tool is especially helpful for people who are new to the Boston political scene or those who are unable to do extensive research about every single political candidate in the upcoming election. Get connected at

The folks at SoJust are seasoned professionals when it comes to bringing progressives together. Since 2006, they’ve grown to over 2000 members and hosted over 130 events. The purpose is to build a cross-cultural, cross-issue progressive community, network and movement in Boston while putting the social back in social justice. Join them at their 6th anniversary party, Connecting for Justice, on Thursday, September 13 from 6-8:30pm at Lir on Boylston. RSVP and details at

Their birthday event draws over 120 progressives of all stripes - diverse by age, race, gender, sexual orientation, newness to Boston and experience with activism. Newcomers and long-time members come together at Connecting for Justice to celebrate the remarkable success of this member-driven, volunteer-run grassroots group. Make the most of this opportunity - attend the SoJust Skillshare: Art of the Schmooze on Thursday, September 6.

Socializing for Justice is the brainchild of local community organizer, trainer and event planner Robbie Samuels. For over 10 years, Robbie has been involved with Boston’s progressive community through a number of organizations. He has been recognized for his efforts - most recently, his birthday was declared “Robbie Samuels Day” in 2011 by the Boston City Council. In creating SoJust, Robbie has combined fun, socializing and cross-issue mobilization as never before.

The vision for SoJust comes from Robbie’s firsthand experience. He wanted to address what he was repeatedly finding in his work – that individuals, organizations, and campaigns stunted their effectiveness by focusing solely on single-issue work.  He shares, “There was a definite void that I thought SoJust could fill.  I thought that if we could get enough people representing enough progressive issues into a room, we might be able to promote cross-issue collaboration and more effectively fight for progress, not just change.”

What SoJusters are saying:

“Open-minded, inclusive and friendly bunch of progressives,” Boston resident Joby Gelbspan and SoJust member since 2009, said. “All ages, races, sexualities, classes welcomed and celebrated. Great way to meet smart, thoughtful, committed activists and thinkers in the Boston area.”

“Because we all need to talk about *what we're for* more often,” said Boston resident Rebecca Booth-Fox and SoJust member since 2008.

At their “birthday” event participants experience the connecting power of Socializing for Justice for themselves. There will be Action Stations to link attendees with local social justice organizations, “I’m Looking For” and “Ask Me About” tags, a Jobs Board filled with openings from other social change groups and an overflowing Literature Table. These features mirror options on SoJust’s website,, an online hub where social justice events, job and volunteer opportunities from other social change organizations are cross-posted on the Calendar and Message Board.

Get involved with Boston’s fastest-growing cross-issue progressive community. Network with like-minded progressives and find the space and opportunities you’ve been searching for. In the words of Robbie, ““If you think this group MIGHT be for you – it is.” Join now at


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