Sunday, January 1, 2012

Get Connected in 2012 with Socializing for Justice

Get Connected in 2012 with Socializing for Justice
Grassroots group building a cross-issue progressive network since 2006

On January 19th from 6-9PM, Socializing for Justice will be hosting it's largest event of the year, Connecting for Justice, at Lir on Boylston.  This open house event draws 120+ progressives of all stripes and is a great way to get connected to SoJust's cross-issue progressive community.  This is a welcoming space where all attendees, diverse by age, race, gender, sexual orientation, newness to Boston, and experience with activism, come together to “put the SOCIAL back in social justice!”  Newcomers and long-time members will celebrate the remarkable success of this member-driven, volunteer-run grassroots group.  Since 2006, SoJust has grown to over 1800 members and hosted nearly 110 events.

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