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To schedule please email with “Training Request” in the subject line.

This has become my signature training and helped hundreds of people each year gain the confidence they need to pursue their personal and professional goals – from the importance of shaking hands and making eye contact to tips on the best opening line and how to exit a conversation gracefully.

An amazing side benefit is that every attendee also walks away with their consciousness raised about what it means to create a welcoming community space.  We’ll discuss the difference between being a guest and host, keeping an eye out for outliers and the importance of not “othering” while trying to pay a compliment.

Included in the fee, the host organization receives permission to share a PDF version of “8 Steps for Successful Networking” and “The Downside to Being a Unicorn” with participants. Participants will also receive a handout that will make it easy for them to share the training tips with their colleagues and friends. I also make myself available for a 15 minute call if participants have additional questions.

Forming and cultivating relationships is at the heart of any successful fundraising campaign, volunteer drive, committee effort or community building activity. This workshop will benefit anyone that wants to sharpen their in person networking skills or share their successful techniques: community members, seasoned fund-raising professionals, board members, senior management, grassroots organizers and anyone that wants to create welcoming community spaces.

No prior experience required, but it is presumed that participants have something to offer each other and will mutually benefit from a shared learning environment. This workshop will benefit both introverts and extroverts by sharing practical tips on ways to engage someone in a conversation, keep it rolling, exchange information and wrap up, along with many other important techniques to cultivate and grow new networks.

A common thread is the concept that we have a role personally in helping make a space welcoming to a diverse membership and that there are specific ways body language and spoken language affects our ability to do that. 10 minutes will be set aside so participants can practice by networking with their fellow attendees. Afterward we’ll review where participants felt stuck and seek answers from each other.

Session Description
Do you feel awkward at networking events and uncomfortable making new connections? Do you miss opportunities to connect with new donors, community members and colleagues because you don’t know the best way to approach them at events? Do you have trouble ending conversations so you can keep circulating? We will cover the basics of how to work a room, from having the right tools to knowing the best approach to engage prospective donors and collaborators while cultivating community support.

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To schedule please email with “Training Request” in the subject line.

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