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The Best Way to Compliment Someone You’ve Just Met by Patrick Allan [Life Hacker, 1/11/16] also on Life Hacker’s India website.

“Some Men: Feminist Allies and the Movement to End Violence Against Women” by Michael A. Messner,  Max A. Greenberg, and Tal Peretz [Oxford University Press 2015] Buy the book!

Four Things Worth Talking About in Dorie Clark’s “Stand Out” by Matt Ferraguto [Eckel & Vaughan, 6/24/15]

“Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It” by Dorie Clark [Portfolio/Penguin Press 2015] Buy the book! 

Dorie Clark by j. jane [j. jane project 5/18/15]

5 New Habits for Great Networkers by Ilan Mochari [Inc., 5/6/15]

Prepare for Networking Events by Writing Follow-Up Emails Beforehand by Patrick Allan [Life Hacker, 5/6/15] also on Life Hacker’s Australian website.

How to Make Networking Fun by Dorie Clark [Fast Company, 4/20/15]

How to Stand Out In a Crowd by Erica Dhawan [Harvard Business Review, 4/20/15]

How LGBT Professionals Can Stand Out at Work by Dorie Clark [Harvard Business Review, 4/19/15]

3 Ways You Can Stand Out As An Expert In Your Field by Dorie Clark [Promote Yourself, Dan Schawbel’s Official Newsletter, Millennial Branding, March 2015]

NBN50 Everyone Likes to Be Asked with Dorie Clark by Dave Delaney [New Business Networking, 2/25/15]

What to do When Your Colleague Comes Out as Transgender by Dorie Clark [Harvard Business Review, 2/5/15]

Managing Your Professional Identity During a Gender Change by Dorie Clark [Harvard Business Review, 2/3/15]

How Interns Became our “Auction Committee” by Robbie Samuels [Bidding for Good, 5/30/14]

How to Become Famous in Your Hometown by Dorie Clark [Owners Mag, 3/1/14]

“Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future” by Dorie Clark [Talk at Google, 8/31/13]

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Local Heroes: Robbie Samuels [Future Boston Alliance, 5/10/13]

Best Practices for Your Interns, Volunteers and Fundraising Auctions by Mark McCurdy [Bidding for Good, 8/31/12]

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Expert Series: Dorie Clark Interviews Robbie Samuels on “Art of the Schmooze” [podcast, 4/23/10] 

Text of acceptance speech for The History Project’s inaugural Lavender Rhino Award [2009]