Event Promotion Tips

Please also see the workshop I offer called "Art of the Schmooze" this is a basic skill that I believe is necessary to be an effective connector.

To schedule please email with "Training Request" in the subject line.

Have an event coming up and need to get the word out? I can help you navigate a list of 50+ web calendars (a mix of progressive and mainstream websites) that will help you reach beyond your listserve and/or Facebook friends. The list of web calendars is available via this http://bit.ly/BostonCalendars.

To maximize the visibility of your calendar postings I suggest creating 3 versions of your listing: text only, html no p tags and html with p tags. Adding html to your listing allows you to add bold, italics, color and images. 

HTML format is scary at first, but you will get the hang of it! Basically, some websites don’t allow you to bold or italicize a word or sentence on the spot, so you have to use a code to get the font to look how you want it to.
  • To bold: <b>don’t stress</b>
  • To italicize: <i> you will get it!</i>
  • To do both: <i><b>how much wood can a woodchuck chuck?</i></b>
Some websites need a code to read a new paragraph. In this case you will use p-tags: <p>at the beginning of the paragraph and </p> at the end of the paragraph.

Hyperlinks: <A href="http://www.google.com">how link appears in text</A>

This is just a brief overview - use Google to find out how to create:
  • bullets
  • email links
  • font colors
  • font sizes
  • images
Here are some tips for posting events and discussion groups to these websites:
  • Make sure to Sign In if the website requires a password, especially if you cannot initially find where to post a new event.
  • Remember to check your email after posting. Some sites send an email with a confirmation link you need to click before the event is actually posted.
  • Go back and review the event to make sure everything looks the way it’s supposed to (i.e. all the bold/italic/paragraph codes are closed, everything appears in the same font and the hyperlinks/photos are formatted correctly).
The list of websites includes everything you need to get started: web calendar link, whether it allows html (and if so is <p></p> required), whether it allows tags (see bottom of spreadsheet for tag examples), etc.

If this is all going over your head - don't worry! I'm available via Time Trade Circle or an agreed upon fee to assist you. I've walked dozens of people through this and they're all now able to post events on their own.

Have a Facebook profile? I can help you set up your event on there as well.

New to the idea of Twitter? I can help you navigate the world of hash tags, replies and direct messages (aka: #, @ &amp; DMs).

Off-line networking? I'm familiar with bulletin boards you could post on in many neighborhoods.

And of course the "Art of the Schmooze" is an incredibly useful skill to acquire if you'd like to become a more effective networker.

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