QPR: Suicide Prevention

Community leaders have the power to convene people. This is a wonderful skill that comes with many responsibilities: logistics, marketing, catering, volunteer coordination, etc.  I believe that our responsibilities as community leaders goes beyond these basic steps and includes creating a welcoming and safe space for our community. 

When we help co-create those kinds of spaces, we help guard against isolation, depression and burn out that many experience when they operate for too long without a supportive community. Unfortunately, many community leaders themselves feel this isolation because they lack a strong peer network and are carrying on their shoulders all the pain and suffering brought to their attention by their community members. To support my fellow community leaders, I'm offering a training on how to deal with one of the hardest topics faced by any community. Thank you for helping make our collective communities healthier and stronger.

Suicide Prevention Training for Community Leaders

Oftentimes, community leaders* are sought out for support in times of crisis and are the first to become aware that someone is considering killing themselves. Attend this training to gain the skills to handle the "suicide question" and become knowledgeable about local resources for you and your community.

QPR - Question, Persuade, Refer is modeled after the success of the CPR medical intervention and is based on the following concepts:

  • Those who most need help in a suicidal crisis are the least likely to ask for it.
  • Prior to making a suicide attempt, a person typically sends warning signs.
  • Asking "Are you thinking about killing yourself?" is a key step to preventing suicide.
This training will address:
  • The anxiety we feel when we are talking to someone who is suicidal.
  • How to specifically ask "the question".
  • How to persuade someone to seek help.
  • How to make sure they get the referral they need.
*For the purpose of this training, a community leader is anyone who regularly convenes groups of people. This training may also be arranged for the LGBT community, youth or any other group.

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