Design Your Own Training

To schedule please email with "Training Request" in the subject line. Individual coaching available.

These are the trainings I offer:

The following are modules that may be chosen from to design a workshop uniquely suited to the type of training your organization needs:

Review Networking Tips (fully explained in "Art of the Schmooze")

  • tools you'll need
  • setting goals 
  • initiate conversation
  • information exchange
  • exit strategies
Getting to the ask - and past personal roadblocks
  • Discuss why asking seems difficult  
  • Revising script - you're "offering them an opportunity" a "way to feel connected to a cause they care about"
  • How people respond to being asked - what to expect
Review of 3 c's of fundraising
(this is a great way to review your personal address book and prioritize prospective donors)

  • capacity
  • connection
  • commitment
Review most effective way to reach donor
  • #1 face-to-face request; team of two
  • #2 face-to-face- request; one asker
  • #3 personal phone call
  • #4 personal letter on personal stationery
  • etc.
Setting up an in-person meeting via a phone call
  • basics of phone script strategy
  • responses to common objections
Steps to in-person ask
  • with romancer & without
  • getting to the ask
  • staying quiet after
  • listening
Setting up a successful house party fundraiser
  • event timeline
  • useful materials
  • how to make the ask
Setting up a live or silent auction
  • event timeline
  • procuring auction donations
  • tracking auction donations
  • setting opening bid & bid increment amounts
  • creating easy to read bid sheets
  • creating displays
  • maximizing volunteer support at event
Looking for something not listed? If it's related to fundraising, event planning, or organizing I can likely help!

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