Since 2009, my engaging and fun presentations have helped a wide array of audiences increase their confidence when it comes to relationship-building – whether through networking, fundraising, or sales. I passionately believe everyone should stop wasting time networking and I share how through my signature session, “Art of the Schmooze.”

Want to see me speak? You can watch me on YouTube or join me at one of my public sessions. I’m very involved in the social impact community in Boston and support that space by providing low-cost professional development sessions throughout the year. It’s good for the community and has been great for potential clients to see me in action. Find out when I’m speaking: www.robbiesamuels.com/calendar.

What message do you want to share with your audience? I’ll work with you to develop the perfect keynote or session. Below are my most requested sessions.

Art of the Schmooze 

Do you feel awkward at networking events and uncomfortable making new connections? Do you miss opportunities to connect with new donors, community members and colleagues because you don’t know the best way to approach them at events? Do you have trouble ending conversations gracefully so you can keep circulating? This engaging session will offer tips and tricks to help extroverts AND introverts. We will cover the basics of how to work a room, from having the right tools to knowing the best approach to engage prospective donors and collaborators while cultivating community support. Learn more…

Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking 

This engaging 2-hour coaching session will benefit anyone who wants to become a more effective fundraiser. In a supportive environment, move past personal roadblocks and recognize some common mistakes. Practice specific language for how to make a strong ask, based on the relationship-building tips shared in Art of the Schmooze, and review ten tips that will make your next fundraising plan a success. “If you are afraid to ask for money, kick yourself out of the way and let the cause talk.” Learn more…

Intercultural Communication in the Workplace

Through personal reflection and group exercises recognize how an individual’s sense of mattering in the workplace affects their performance and how we each bring our own cultural lens to our work. Leave with a vocabulary that will help you continue this important conversation and a better sense of how diversity, inclusion, and equity applies to your relationships with colleagues and your work.

Are you wondering whether I’ll be a dynamic, engaging and informative speaker?

My audience has shared their thoughts on this question. I think it’s best to hear it right from them by reading through testimonials – like this one:

Small, Big Ideas

I have a lot of appreciation for “small, big ideas;” that is to say, everyday ideas that are accessible and immediately actionable, but have the power to inspire significant change. These ideas aren’t inherently special, but when people enact them on a large scale, they have tremendous inertia. Furthermore, these ideas springboard bigger movements, and give groups the confidence to tackle more ambitious goals. 

Given their simplicity, these ideas are easy to understand and teach. It’s not hard for me to imagine sharing Robbie’s ideas with others: after all, it wouldn’t take me long to show you a better way to stand in order to appear more welcoming. In fact, I saw firsthand that folks were employing this newfound advice, minutes after learning about it; that was pretty cool!

While I admire idealism, and recognize its power to motivate and inspire, in my experience, those affected by ideals struggle to translate them into an actionable strategy. Finding something to do, right now, to make the world better: that’s the hard part!  

~ Stephen Francis at Humanist Hub (affiliated with Harvard University) 11/1/15

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