M Vire – “Samuels helps you expand your comfort zone” 7/30/17

Samuels helps you expand your comfort zone. I’m a shy introvert, and I don’t even like the term “networking”– it makes me uncomfortable. Social situations wherein I find myself with a lot of strangers are highly challenging for me, especially at conferences or other events at which networking takes place. The tips and suggestions offered in this book by Mr. Samuels alleviate some of my anxiety by offering me some specific things to focus on and some easy things to do in anticipation of, during, and after meeting new people so I can make better connections.

Among his most helpful suggestions, for me, is to prepare an answer for the common and dreaded “What do you do?” question. Having done (and practiced) that now, I know I’ll feel more confident, which will help me relax, which will allow me to be more present and ask better questions and participate better in conversations.

Who wants to read a book about networking? Anyone with the self-awareness to recognize that we can improve our interpersonal relations, especially with new people. As Samuels points out early in the book, virtually everyone we know was, at some time, a stranger to us, and somehow we made important and close connections. We can all do it, and we can all get better at it. Samuels has written this for extraverts as well (there are plenty of tips for people already comfortable in groups of strangers, too), but for this introvert, the insights are welcome and helpful.