Marlene Wagner – “Croissants VS. Bagels” 7/31/17

This is one of the best, most helpful books I have read in a long time. The author covered every aspect of connecting successfully with others in business we’ve come to know as networking. He takes all the dread out of networking and provides all the tools from A to Z to be a successful networker. What I found most helpful were the ways he suggested to participate in events that can make it easier to meet people and help others to meet people. Volunteering, joining a panel, helping the host and best of all hosting your own events. The author covers in debt the art of the conversation from the best opening line, starting the conversation, the handshake, eye contact, asking relevant questions and how to end the conversation. I can’t say enough about the book and suggest everyone keep a copy of the book on your desk and refer to it often, especially before you attend the next networking event.