Meredith Eppel Jylkka, Mott Philanthropic Senior Program Officer – Boston, MA

As a funder, we were excited to hire Robbie to work with a cohort of nonprofit organizations. Robbie was very flexible in his approach to building out a year’s worth of activities in 2015 with a focus on Donor Cultivation for a very diverse group of organizations with a range of needs. In partnership with a lead grantee, Robbie developed a strong series of offerings that had tangible lessons that organizations could apply with ease. He was excellent at developing a strong working group and fluidly moving the topic along from one session to the next – all while encouraging strong participation from participants. In addition to working with a group of about 30 individuals, Robbie also worked one-on-one with individual grantees, to help them tackle particular challenges around fundraising. All the feedback we got from our grantees was very positive. He was dedicated, organized, and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to continuing our partnership with him.